The Jargon File


In the olden days, three hundred and fifty thousand million years of natural selection were considered awesome.

The sight of an erupting volcano was awesome.

The silence as our intrepid explorers finally stumbled upon Shangri la and dare not breath lest it turn to dust before their very eyes was awesome.

These days, a pair of new Nike Trainers is awesome.  This phenomenon became even worse as misguided hipster kids started creating twatty start-ups that were inferior in every way to their alternatives, yet became popular because the "developers" less than three everything, and lie about how awesome everything is.

Occasionally, a new piece of tech - Zot, for example - really is awesome, but since the word was hijacked by morons, it is socially unacceptable for hackers to use the phrase.

Therefore, a-word (or #a-word, as it is often hashtagged) is used for things that are awesome in the traditional, rather than the modern, sense of the word.
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