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CP/M (Control Program for Microcomputers) was an operating system for Intel 8080, Intel 8085, Zilog Z80, Intel 8086, Motorola 68000 systems.

This operating system was popular in the mid-70's to the mid-80's, however, in the UK home computers (specifically, the Amstrad CPC +) could still be purchased with CP/M up until around 1993 (despite discontinuation of the model in 1990, it was still possible to purchase them in high street for a few years afterwards).

Thus, if somebody talks about CP/M, they were already a geek in the 1970's or 80's, unless they are from the UK, in which case, they may not have been a geek until the 1990's.

The source code for CP/M is now available as a type-in.
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