The Jargon File


1) A variety of something, be it Linux, or Crisps.  Please note, however, that one cannot have Debian flavoured crisps, or Salt and Vinegar flavoured Linux.

2) Chrome, text, images, or other resources that are not strictly required, but are included to add a certain vibe.  

This can range from the good - say, a homely, friendly, but not quite professional webpage used to show you're dealing with real humans.

The bad, such as including pictures of family pets to show how cool you are.

The downright ugly - an "About Us" page where thrush present lots of moodily_lit_tubes_of_toothpase to show you how epic they are.

3) Similar to 2, but in computer games.  Good examples would be the holodisks in Fallout 1 and 2, bad examples would be the diaries in Resident Evil, and ugly examples would be the holodisks in Fallout 3.
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